You just got engaged, which means it’s time to start preparing for the happiest day of your life! From finding a picturesque wedding venue to nailing down your vendors list, there are a few key things to consider in order to transform your vision into a reality.

As you begin building your dream team of vendors, you will need to find a skilled, experienced wedding florist to take on your big day. While Gainesville offers plenty of talented professionals, no floral team compares to Garden & Grace.

Led by the incredibly talented Ashley Rodriguez, Garden & Grace provides unique floral designs for adventurous couples. For wedding florals that enhance the beauty of your event, Garden + Grace is a perfect fit.

About Ashley

Garden and Grace Gainesville Florida Florist


Before becoming one of the most sought-after florists in Gainesville, Ashley spent years developing her skills and expertise in the industry. While working for a local florist during college, she had the privilege of designing florals for a wide variety of special events.

From elegant Gainesville weddings to the University of Florida’s corporate fundraisers, this Texas-transplant quickly found herself ingrained in the community. After years of dedicated service and growth, Ashley experienced a revelation of sorts that led her to take a huge leap of faith.

In 2010, she decided it was time to fully embrace her passion for fine art and creativity. This act led to the creation of Garden & Grace, her dynamic floral business that produces vibrant, captivating arrangements.

An Individualized Experience

In a city overflowing with talent and skill, Ashley stands out for the emotion and vulnerability that she brings to her work. When partnering with Garden & Grace for your special occasion, you will be treated to a refreshing, personal approach to design.

Due to her extensive experience in the wedding industry, Ashley can provide a variety of floral arrangements for her clients. This versatility means that she offers a wide selection of florals and design themes to ensure that your distinct needs are met.

Regardless of your wedding theme, you can expect a stunning collection of fresh flowers that highlight your special day. More than delivering a simple display of wedding flowers, Ashley wants to craft a design that captures the heart and soul of your story.

Pushing the Envelope

Ashley’s approach to floral designs are largely influenced by the fashion industry. With bold colors and unique floral choices, she is inspired to create vibrant, unconventional arrangements for her clients.

Trading out traditional bouquets for something more eye-catching, Ashley promises florals that will make your special occasion memorable. Throughout the planning process, she makes a consistent effort to remain inquisitive and create something truly original.

Although Ashley loves to keep her designs fresh and exciting, she always finds a way to celebrate the classic. After all, there’s nothing more timeless than highlighting your dream wedding with florals that take your breath away.

Personal Passions

When asked about the heart behind Garden & Grace, Ashley shared a few of the motivations that have driven her over the years. With an incredible support system behind her on this adventure, it’s no wonder she is able to provide such an invaluable experience.

Ashley expressed sincere gratitude for her husband and children, sharing a poignant honesty regarding her journey to motherhood. Although the road to this season of life was far from straightforward, she often found a sort of peace and comfort in creativity.

Ashley noted that when you give yourself space to process and grow, you’re less likely to lose yourself in life’s challenges and triumphs. Alongside her family, it’s this lesson that drives her to create something wonderful and real each day.

Off the Record

When she’s not working on a new bridal bouquet or searching for the freshest flowers, Ashley can be found making jewelry with her kids. In addition to this, she loves traveling the world and hopes to visit Europe soon.

In her more ground-breaking floral work, Ashley has been practicing the art of underwater floral arrangements. Although these arrangements can be challenging to create, the final product is always a stunning achievement.

In Conclusion

Garden & Grace is a highly-skilled floral team that is more than capable of taking on your wedding day. Whether you’re exchanging vows in North Florida or California, Ashley is happy to help bring your vision to life.

With charm, character, and endless class, this seasoned artist is truly exceptional in her field. If you’ve been searching for a phenomenal florist who isn’t afraid to think outside the box, Ashley is your gal.

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